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Thank you for signing up for PTO Manager.  Please make sure that the following information is correct in the My Profile tab under My Info.  This information will be listed in the student directory, the Bulldog Browser.  To receive a copy of the Browser, please make sure you pay the Family HASA dues of $20 at Back to School Night.  Or send the money in with your child in an envelope marked HASA Dues before September 25th.  Please make sure your child's name is on the envelope. 

- Name

- Address

- Phone number

- Secondary Name (if your spouse's name is to be listed in the directory)

- Name, grade and teacher for each child at Chatham Park.


Also, please make sure to indicate any events or committees that you'd like to help with in the Interests section of your profile.  Even an hour or two of your time this year will make a big difference.  We can't do all of this without your help! 

Any questions, please contact Peggy Hermann at peggyhermann@hotmail.com.